Lubrication Management


GPI Flow Meters

The beer brewing industry is a huge, global business including home brewing operations, thousands of smaller producers and a handful of major companies. Customers report that using GPI Meters improves the quality of beer by making each batch consistent. Brewing systems can differ depending on the size of tanks and the needs of the customer.

Whether you are looking for flow rate or total volume, one of the GPI meters will ensure batch to batch consistency and help reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.

This customer needed an accurate way to measure hot water as it goes into a mash tank. Later, the meter is used to measure chemicals during the cleaning process. The staff needed a meter that is simple to install and includes an easy-to-read display. They prefer a meter that can be mounted in different orientations depending on piping layout.

The solution is to use the GPI G2 and G series Stainless Steel Meters; they offer excellent fluid compatibility in the brewing process and later during cleaning. A meter was also used before the bottling process. Cleaning the equipment is critical, as a great feature of the product the GPI turbine meters can be easily be removed and the internal parts can be replaced on-site reducing down time and making maintenance simple.