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Looking for faults in a complex and hidden fire suppression system just got a whole lot easier. MusterII have just introduced the MusterII Diagnostic Module (M2DM01). The Diagnostic Module features an easy to read backlit LCD screen and simple to follow navigation, which allows for fast and accurate diagnosis on MusterII Fire Suppression Systems.

It does by assisting to pinpoint any system faults and provide an assessment of systems pressure and the battery status of the Alarm Panel. Additionally, it provides support for software updates of the system and grants the user the ability to program special functions into the Alarm Panel. It can change the settings without disconnection from the system; through the reset and isolation of the Alarm Panel.

The best feature; it offers is the ability to download history and past events data which can then be uploaded onto a PC for analysis. A supportive Diagnostic Utility Program is available which will let you view and analyse the history and the events of the MusterII Fire Suppression System. This data is critical at service interval times allowing the service agent to quickly identify any issues that may have occurred between services.

The MusterII Diagnostic Tool is available now (Pt No: M2DM01)

MusterII Diagnostic Utility Program