Off-Road Transport Industry

Equipment failures due to inadequate lubrication of bearings and other moving parts result in costly repairs. Even more importantly, they shut down production. That's why profit-minded companies are quick to realise that Automated Lubrication System that automatically lubricates all friction points on the machine at regular intervals while it's running is a wise investment.

As well as lubrication systems off road vehicle require servicing with both workshop servicing and mobile service trucks. This requires the use and servicing of several systems, including Flow Systems, Hose Management Systems, CCTV Camera Systems, Fire Suppression Systems Material Dispensing Systems and Lubrication Systems.

The installation of JSG Off Road Lubrication System Kits quickly return your investment, increase productivity and increase profits. The increasing maximum output production methods necessary to succeed in a world competitive marketplace are pushing machine capabilities to greater and greater productivity, while the Fire Suppression Systems protects these assets.


JSG Automated Lubrication Systems increases productivity and increase profits. Automated Lubrication Systems that lubricate all friction points on the vehicle at regular intervals - while it's running - is a wise investment.


Sound material dispensing practice eliminates problems such as contamination of materials causing premature parts failure. JSG Industrial Systems range eliminates this and is capable of dispensing a vast range of materials.


Vehicle fires can have devastating consequence. MusterII offers a comprehensive range of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems to help defend your assets against the risk of fire.


JSG provide a range of oval gear flow meters which provide high levels of accuracy and repeatability for a wide range of clean liquids irrespective of viscosity and conductivity.


JSG Industrial Systems is able to supply a comprehensive range of general lubrication equipment such as manual and battery powered grease guns, and spectrum lubricant identification systems which remove the chance of using incorrect lubricants.

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